A Biography of Hello Kitty

A Biography of Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty began life in Japan and had a typical childhood.

HK 01

HK 02
She was a delightful and friendly child.

HK 03

HK 04

HK 05

HK 06

HK 07

HK 08
She started school and ballet lessons, and enjoyed holiday bake sales.

HK 09

HK 10

HK 11
In her adolescent years, she developed a love for Star Wars, but then went punk and goth.

HK 12

HK 13

HK 14
She began to experiment with drugs. This led her to a life on the streets and prostitution.

HK 15

HK 16

HK 17
One night, she was on her way to a Neo-Nazi meeting and was struck down by a hit and run driver. The word is it was her pimp who ran her over.

HK 18

HK 19
In the afterlife, she became Pinhead’s assistant.

HK 20



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Hey – yeah YOU – Marlene T.

commenting on my Mother Gaia article – didn’t your mama ever teach you manners. I’m not telling ANYbody to believe in the same things I believe in. If you disagree with me, tell me your reasons why – in a RESPECTFUL manner – if you think what I write is BS – then why are you reading it, much less taking the time to comment on it.

and by all means, continue on your “adult education” in Fremont, cos you sure need it.

some people – geez!

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K-Mart wants to save us from nightmares caused by vampire movies

The Cadaverman and I went to do some shopping at K-Mart this afternoon. I went to check out the gory Halloween decorations that were offer. Just as you got in the door, off to your right, were three large decorations hanging there – one was a neat ghost, another one was a ghoul, and darned if I can remember what the third one was. On the shelf beneath the hanging decorations, were skulls, eyeballs among other decorations.

I went to the back of the store to see the rest of the Halloween stuff. I bypassed the costumes and pumpkin carving tools and went to the “meat” of the Halloween fare. Gory decorations, bloody hacked off arms, fingers, eyeballs and skulls lined up on the shelf. Then I saw a display of horror movies.

Looking through the DVDs, I picked up Bruce Campbell’s classic “The Evil Dead.” I also found an “Undead” collection – 20 Vampire movies. Some of the titles I already have on DVD, like the 1922 Nosferatru and 1974’s Count Dracula and His Vampire Bride.

So I threw them in my cart and then CadaverMan and I went to check out. I loaded our stuff onto the counter and fished out my credit card and then – – then — the cashier asked me what my birthday was! Why? Because I was attempting to buy a collectiion of vampire movies! I was so flabbergasted, I automatically told her my birthday. But I was astounded! I need to tell my age to buy a bunch of old vampire movies? Old movies that I have already seen and have most on VHS anyway?

Look, I’m a dam senior citizen and will buy f’ing vampire movies whenever I want! While I admit that I don’t look like I’m 60 years old, I certainly don’t look like a 14 year kid either.

What the hell is K-Mart trying to do? Save the world from The Undead? – But – but – the DVD of The Evil Dead didn’t show up as needing to show age for … why the vampire movies? And why any horror movie at all? When K-Mart’s Halloween decorations are pretty dam sick when you think about them. – and Vampire movies? What idiot thought of this rule? I can understand about movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre or the infamous (and hard to find) 1972’s Mark of the Witch. That one is one sick movie – it was so bad that when it was first run in the theatres – each audience member was given a barf bag! and the TV trailers warned you of that too – so of course my cousin Gail and I had to go see it – while we didn’t throw up, we did agree it was pretty gory.

In reading the back of the DVD case, I see 1960’s Atom-Age Vampire. – roflmao! I remember seeing that one in the theatre when it first came out! I was all of EIGHT YEARS OLD when I saw this. With my stepmother, who bless her heart, was a sci-fi/horror movie buff. Every Friday evening my stepmother took me, my brother and our stepbrother to see the latest sci/fi horror movie. We saw The Cosmic Man, the original Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, The Hypnotic Eye, The Thing That Wouldn’t Die, Invaders from Mars, Creature from the Black Lagoon. As well as seeing all the classics on television.

I seem to recall Saturday afternoons a local tv station would show Frankenstien, The Mummy, The Werewolf and yes, Dracula. As well as all the spin-offs! And all the Japanese monsters: Godzilla, Gamera, and my personal favorite – Rodan!

In the mid 60’a local tv station, Channel 7 had Friday Fright Night – showing all these movies and more – they showed the English productions – Hammer Films of the Peter Cushing as Frankenstein and Christopher Lee as Dracula. As well as The Gorgon, and some Witchy films too.

In the 60’s – my brother, my cousin Gail and I started reading horror comic books – and of course Forrest J. Ackerman’s magazine Famous Monsters of Filmland. And on television – there was The Addams Family and The Munsters.

I have continued my love of horror movies, especially vampire films to the present day, having devoured all of Anne Rice’s vampire novels and loving the film versions of Interview with the Vampire and Queen of the Damned. And I absolutely love The Lost Boys. – I’m not a big fan of Twilight though. Just can’t seem to get into it. Too much glitter for me.

So I have grown up on monster and horror movies. There were only two that ever scared me – King Kong and The Exorcist. I’ve gotten over my fear of The Exorcist – in fact, it is now one of my favorite movies, but I still don’t like King Kong.

I’ve read a lot of Stephen King and gee – I remember one of his vampire stories was a made for TV movie: Salem’s Lot.  And Stanley Kubrick’s film of his book The Shining is far more scary than any vampire movie. A story of alchoholism, madness and domestic violence scares me more than any vampire or ghost story. – Because these things are real.

Vampire movies don’t scare me. I love ’em! I just can’t see why a corporation would want to make their customers give out their birthdate to buy a vampire movie. Fictional entities like vampires do not give me nightmares. I hunt ghosts in real life. Why would I be afraid of fictional characters?

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

oh, I’m really scared of vampires — NOT! – K-Mart – get fucking real!

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Halloween approaches …


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5 Elements Spell Binder


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Midnight Musings at 5am

When Midnght and Mythos was first started, back in 2001 on the old MSN groups, my screen name was Lady Ligeia, from the story The Tomb of Ligeia by Edgar Allen Poe. I don’t use that screen name anymore. It got to be a pain when I’d be typing too fast and I got the i’s and the e’s mixed up! I much prefere my longstanding screen name: LadyMoondancer. I got that name from a line from a song by John Denver (Poems, Prayers and Promises).  – yes, this here monster loving lady also likes the softer things in life.

I love Edgar Allen Poe. And H.P. Lovecraft. Vampires, ghouls, ghosts, werewolves, mummies, creatures from dark and mysterious lagoons. Science fiction, fantasy, monsters, anime. I’ve also studied many areas of the occult and metaphysics and have turned all that into a new facet of my life: Paranormal Investigating.

ah, what can I say, I’m a very complex person. I have many interests, and am passionate about them. And I don’t mind sharing them with you all.

Here is the man himself, Edgar Allen Poe:


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The Buffalo Bills are a disgrace! I’m so dam sick of them.

So yesterday, I got up after only 4 hours sleep after working a 12 hour shift. I wanted to see the first game of the season. Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets.

The first 10 minutes of the game – the Bills garnered two penalties, one interception, one near quarterback sack. The Jets scored one touchdown.

John said, “turn if off.” I wanted to wait a little while. The next five minutes garnered another near quarterback sack and another touchdown by the Jets. I didn’t say anything, just handed the remote to John.

During the evening news we learned the final score – Jets 48, Bills 28. Our defense sucked, our offense was terrible. During the NFL highlights show, they showed the highlights of the game, didn’t even talk about the Bills.


“Why won’t my team win a game?”

The Bills might as well be dead – they are a disgrace! Their motto should be “Boy I Love Losing Swiftly.”

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The Cadaverman gets ready to prepare dinner

Fried Brains



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America’s favorite rodent goes splat!


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Paranormal Experience, morning of September 5, 2012

so this morning, around 6:50am, as me and my two co-workers, were waiting to clock out at the end or our shift, we experienced a paranormal experience.

We were in a “chart” room – where we do our charting, etc. It used to be a patient room, but now has two long shelves on each side of the room with several computers and phones for the doctors, nurses, and other medical staff to work with. The room includes a bathroom.

We three were the only ones in the room. As we were talking about our night, the toilet in the bathroom flushed. There was no one in the room, Asia knocked on the bathroom door and after getting no response, opened the door – no one was in the bathroom. Who flushed the toilet?

I’m not saying it was a ghostly entity. But it certainly is PARA-normal. (NOT-normal).

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